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My first project for our Little People ~ Nursery Animals

December 2, 2011

When I was pregnant with our first Little Person, I wanted to create a beautiful nursery and wanted to make it personal. So I got sketching and painting, and ended up creating a beautiful wall with large, friendly-faced and colourful animals. She loved it and used to stroke the giraffe and lion. I also loved that I had made it for her. I got lots of compliments from friends and family and really enjoyed making it for her.

Firstly Roly Poly Bird  from Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile which is a book I’ve treasured since I was a child. The giraffe and lion were the animals I was most able to draw easily and keep their friendly faces.

Once I’d drawn them on a small piece of paper (about 2 inches x 2 inches), I copied their outlines onto acetate/an OHT and used an overheadprojector to  project it up onto the wall to get the size I wanted and positioned them around where the cot would be.

After I’d copied the projected outline onto the wall in pencil, I used a thick brush to paint on the main colour of each animal. I used a rather unconventional russety red for the giraffe, but it complemented the deep orange beautifully. I let each layer dry before the next, and also between different colours. The most nervewracking bit of each animal was the eyes, as it was very important the animals looked friendly as opposed to scary! I left these till last and used a very thin paintbrush so that I could easily rectify any mistakes as I went along.

Here they are, the finished animals; Mrs Giraffe (check out the lashes!), My Roly Poly bird and Mr Friendly Lion…

Sadly when we moved house to fit Little Person #2 and then 3 we had to leave the animals behind. But I have the pictures, and I still have the little acetate drawings which I’m keeping in a kind of scrapbook for our oldest Little Person when she’s a Bigger Little Person.

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