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Funky Make-Up Carry Roll ~ Free Tutorial ~ how to make your own Make-Up Roll

December 6, 2011

I had some left-over fabric from the funky shoulder bag I made for my niece, so decided to make her a matching make-up case too. I was inspired by the crayon rolls and car rolls I made for my Little People and their friends for Christmas. 

Here is a tutorial for how I made it. It was really very easy to make and I knocked it together in under an hour while looking after my Little People. As before, I’d love to know your thoughts on the tutorial, particularly if you think it needs tweaking at all.

Easy tutorial for a make-up carrying case / make-up roll

Materials Needed

main fabric for body (I used 28 x 21cm including seams)
inside fabric for body (I used 28 x 21cm including seams)
pocket fabric (trapezeum shaped  I used 24cm (long end) and 16cm (short end) with 28cm length before folding) [see picture below if this is confusing!]
interfacing or interlining (I used 30 x 38cm including seams)
1 length of ribbon (I used 60cm)
threads (I used a matching one for the pocket stitching and a contrasting one for the top stitching)
fabric scissors
tape measure

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  1. Cut all the material down to size. For the pocket, fold the fabric in half and decide on the angle you need depending on what you’ll be putting in the make-up roll. I included an eye-shadow box, so wanted to go quite short. Sew or Iron on any interfacing now. I only used it on the pocket as this needs to be quite tough, but my main and inside fabrics were both heavy enough to go without for this project. Iron all pieces now too.
  2. We’re going to make the pockets.

    Pocket and lining material on the left, main and inner fabric on the right

    1. Pin the pocket against the (right side of the) lining fabric with the horizontal edges matching. Trim any excess vertical pocket material.
    2. Lay out the make-up items you want to add, remembering to leave 1.5cm on each end for the seam. I used three 2cm pockets, three 3cm pockets and one 5cm pocket. 
    3. Mark the vertical lines ready for stitching. I used the same colour pencil as the material, but you can use fabric chalk.
    4. Sew each pocket line, being careful to backstitch at the top and bottom of each pocket to secure the thread.
  3. Now we’re going to make the main body.
    1. Firstly fold the ribbon in half and pin the folded end of the ribbon in place at the side with the longer pocket. The ribbon needs to be pinned in towards the fabric as you will turn the roll later.
    2. Place the main fabric over the pocket and lining (right sides together) and pin in place.
    3. Stitch around the edge of the fabric with a 1cm seam, leaving a 5-6cm gap for turning. It’s easiest if you leave the gap on the other side of the ribbon. Double stitch over the ribbon to secure.
    4. Trim corners before turning, pulling the ribbon through the gap. Use a chopstick or some such to get sharp corners.
    5. Iron the carry case flat, making sure the open seams are folded in to match where you’ve sewn them.
    6. ‘Top stitch’ (i.e. sew over the edges of the pocket). It’s your choice as to whether you use a matching or a contrasting thread. I think both look good in different ways but used a contrasting one for the main fabric.
  4. Roll up the case and you’re done! Admire your work and sit back with a nice cuppa or a wee tipple of your choice.

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