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Christmas Tree Angel

December 7, 2011

So my Little People and I have been very busy over the past week with our Christmas and  Advent Activities. I’d made a large wallhanging advent calendar earlier on in the autumn, with 24 pockets

Advent Calendar with Pockets

 and an idea for a Christmas activity for each of the days in the run up to Christmas. We sat down as a family to come up with the ideas, and I’d thought we’d struggle to come up with 24 but when it came to it, we actually had to pare our ideas down to fit them in. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not all singing all dancing every day, and I’ll get round to posting what each of the activities are at a later date.

So at the weekend we were making lots of paper Christmas tree decorations and I realised that we didn’t have anything to go on the top of our tree (as our beloved star fell apart after taking a nose-dive last year). I’d made lots and lots of mini-Christmas tree angels out of  pompoms and felt, but hadn’t made one for the top of the tree, so while my Little People were busy gluing and cutting to their hearts’ content, I made this lovely angel…

Christmas Tree Angel

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  1. December 7, 2011 07:21

    Lovely, your Advent Calender. Sounds like your family will have a great Christmas Time. Enjoy!

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