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Pirate Flag ~ make your own!

December 12, 2011

Have loved making a friend’s Little Person a pirate flag for his 3rd birthday coming up this weekend. He’s mad for pirates apparently, but my friend said she wasn’t able to find a flag she liked. So I got stitching, and produced this;

Waving the Flag for Little Pirates everywhere!

Very simple to make and is about 45cm x 65m.

  1. Sketch out the shape of the skull and crossbones onto paper for templates, and cut them out (I only made one crossbone template)
  2. Cut out the fabric. Because I was making this flag double-sided, I then doubled over  my white fabric, pinned the skull on and cut out the fabric to produce two skulls. I cut out the eyes and drew on the nostrils and teeth with fabric pens. 
  3. Use one paper crossbone to cut out eight fabric crossbones.
  4. I pinned one set of skull and crossbones onto one side of the flag and tacked it in place.
  5. Very carefully, pin the other set of skull and crossbones onto the reverse side of the flag so that it’s in exactly the same spot as the one on the front. I did this by holding the flag up against the light and using the shadow of the first set to be able to position the second set of skull and crossbones. Secure in place.
  6. Attach the skull and crossbones to the main fabric. I appliquéd the skull and crossbones onto the flag in one stitch (so I stitched around the skull first and each time I came to a crossbone, I changed the position and stitched the bone in place and went back over the my stitching where the crossbone meets the skull (now there‘s a sentence I never thought I’d say!)
  7. Appliqué the eye sockets. Because of the careful placing of the two sides, you only need to do your appliqué once! Genius (if I may say so myself!)
  8. Hem the four edges of the flag.
  9. Use a pen or some such to measure a good loop size on the left-hand side of your flag before stitching up along the edge of the loop and across the top.
  10. If you’re adding initials, cut these out and apply in the same fashion, or cheat (like I did) and use felt and fabric glue!
  11. If you’ve used fabric pen, iron for a few minutes to secure the ink.
  12. Made By Yours Truly! You’re all done. Sit back and admire your work with a nice cuppa or a lovely glass of wine!


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