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More Christmas Activities ~ Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How Ridiculously Heavily-Laden Are Your Branches…

December 21, 2011

A few of our advent activities have centred around the Christmas Tree. We have a Little House with Little People in it, so got ourselves a Little Tree, and when it came to decorating it, each and every Little Person was keen to lend a hand…

My Littlest Person decorating the Christmas Tree

Everything but everything was put on the poor tree. Nothing was safe, so we ended up weighing down the back of the tree with a heavy brick from my parents’ garden (hope they won’t miss it!) to prevent it toppling over either through the sheer weight of the decorations, or by over-zealous loving by the Little People. When the Christmas Tree could take no more decorations, my middle Little Person piped up with “I think the tree wants MORE decorations!”.  For the sake of the tree and my sanity, she did not get what she wanted.

A few Felt Christmas Tree Decorations


Christmas Angel / Christmas Fairy

On Monday night, we got into our P-Js and sat around the Christmas Tree drinking Hot Cholocate and eating some of our Spiced Christmas Biscuits which are just heavenly! (You can see mine on the arm of the sofa, waiting to be scoffed)

Hot Chocolate and Biscuits around the Christmas Tree

Happy Days indeed.

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