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Headband with flower ~ quick tutorial (and free of course!)

January 15, 2012

Hairband with Felt Flower

A very simple but sweet little headband ~ great for your own Little People or for gifts for others. It takes 10 minutes to make and looks so sweet!

You will need some stretchy material for the headband ~ I cut up an old pair of the Little People’s tracksuit bottoms, and used some of the waistband.

You will need a bit of felt – I used two colours; one for the flower, and one for the leaves.

You will need some fabric glue.

1) Stitch the two ends of the headband together to create a full circle. I used a zig-zag hemming stitch. I didn’t bother hemming the long sides of the headband as the material curls slightly in on itself without unravelling, and therefore doesn’t require hemming (I also thought hemming would add potential ‘scratchy’ bits against the Little Person’s head).

2) Cut some leaf shapes with the teal colour felt. I actually left it as one shape to make it more secure – a bit of a diamond shape with curved edges.

3) Cut a small circle withthe bit of felt you want for the flower – from a piece of felt about 10cm², and cut it into a swirl like this

Felt spiral

4) Now, holding the middle bit of the spiral, twist the fabric in on itself, creating the flower shape as you go. Use the craft glue to secure it at the top, then put lots of glue underneath to secure all the edges of the spiral and stick it onto the middle of the fabric leaves, which, in turn, you stick onto the hairband. Done! Made By Yours Truly.

My Littlest Person, modelling the hairband for me (not very willingly!)

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  1. January 15, 2012 17:11

    Love how this is so simply done! I agree it would make a gorgeous little gift

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