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My first forays into dressmaking ~ just plans so far…

February 2, 2012

I’m going to try making a couple of garments for my Little People, but without a pattern. While I’m not going to be following a pattern, I do have an idea in my head of how they will turn out, but whether they come out like that or not remains to be seen. Two of my Little People are of the girl variety, and they are at the age where pretty dresses are what it’s all about, so, to save some money and to use some of the lovely fabric my Middle Little Person and I chose together, I’ve decided to try and I plan to make a shift dress and a pleated (!) skirt, possibly with a pinafore top. 

I also wanted to try out some new ‘skills’ so had a go at some embroidery which I think could be used for a pocket, thanks to Kirstie Allsop’s craft book and a bit of hotch-potch embroidery from me.

For the shift dress, I’m planning on using up the last of my Cath Kidstonesque rose material, which I’ve used to make a handbag for my sister, some of the lovely lavender winter warmers  and a few of the squares on my patchwork quilt too.

For the skirt, I’m planning on using up some of the beautiful butterfly fabric that I’ve used for a doorstop, a happyland doll roll and a few other bits and pieces.

For the top of the dress I’ve put aside an old pair of maternity trousers that were really wide in the leg (but had a hole in the top and a bleach stain across one of the legs, so were no use to pass on).

I’m also planning on making my own fabric buttons by covering some (ugly!) buttons with the butterfly fabric. I think I may make them decorative rather than functional, and put a zip in the back as I’d like to improve my zip-inserting skills too! Poor Little People are very much my sewing passion guinea pigs!

So, wish me luck and watch this space…

Linky for the first dresses.

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