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Liebster Blog Award!

February 13, 2012

I’m honoured and delighted to have been nominated by Ruth  for the Liebster Blog Award! I’ve been blogging for just over ten weeks and it’s really touching that somebody has considered my little blog worthy of this award which recognises small blogs and their creators. 

The Liebster Blog Award in essence is all about recognizing worthy bloggers with fewer than 200 followers and raising their blog visibility. In other words, spread the love.  I’m not always sure how many followers a certain blog has, but the ones I have nominated are ones I enjoy reading and ones I think have fewer than the magic 200 (apologies if I’ve got it wrong with any of them!)

The way the Liebster Award works:

  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog & link back to the blogger who awarded you.
  2. Copy and Paste the award onto your blog
  3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to receive the award.
  4. Inform them of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog.

Apple Pie with Wensleydale is a charming blog about food, recipes and her life. Lovely to read and makes me smile.

Up Yours Gina Ford is an honest blog about real life as a mum. Funny and insightful and Oh So Perceptive. Probably over 200 followers, but I’m not sure :S

Odessa Says Abracadabra is a blog with some really beautifully taken photographs, predominantly about the blogger’s daughter, Odessa.

MamaMarmalade makes good bread and bad jumpers (her words, not mine!) – a sweet little blog.

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