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Triceratops costume ~ how to make your own Dinosaur costume ~ with free tutorial

March 4, 2012

This was made for my four-year old niece for World Book Day as she wanted to go dressed as a purple triceratops. As you do.


My husband dutifully (and very happily, I’m sure) stepped in to model the above pic! Needless to say my niece’s head is a bit smaller, so I had elastic with a button on the tags (which you can see hanging down, undone), so that my niece would be able to wear it closed around her neck so it didn’t fall off. Basically I just made the hood and a tail which is what my sister had asked for – and the tail was sewn onto a pair of purple leggings, but you could quite easily make a cape attached to the underneath of the ruffle neck down to the tail position, with ribbons to tie around the tummy to help keep it in place. To make the hood I cut out two side pieces and a long middle piece with curved edges;

I then stitched these together, (wrong-sides together), making sure they lined up at the front. The material I used was corduroy (which is a bugger to work with!) so I zig-zag stitched over the seams to stop the fraying. Below is a picture of the hood sewn together (view from the inside)

 Sides and middle stitched together. View from the inside.

 I then cut the ruffle / neck bit out, making sure the straight side measurements matched the width of the back of the hood (don’t do the full width of the hood as the side bits will later be pinned and also need to go round the side of the head, whereas you want the ruffle to stick out at the back) Ruffle

 I then got some pipe cleaners and twisted them together to make the length of the wiggly bit of the ruffle. I cut a small snip into the end of each of the sticky-out bits of the ruffle so they would fold in nicely when I added the pipe cleaners. I folded them into the edge of the ruffle and pinned them into place before stitching them in.Sewing the pipe cleaners into the ruffle

 The seams of the hood and the ruffle were sewn up so that the pipe cleaners couldn’t be seen and hems were neat, and the ruffle and hood were then sewn together.I sewed a small bit of elastic with button holes in it onto one side of the hood at the front (but on the inside), and sewed a button onto the other so that it could be attached and not fall off. You could just as easily use ribbon here but I happened to have a small bit of said elastic lying around and thought it would stay on better than silky ribbon. I sewed two purple ribbons onto the end of the ruffle and worked out what angle the ruffle needed to be to the head to stand out at the back, made two corresponding marks on the back of the hood, and stitched the other ends of the ribbons. To make the horns (and tail), I cut a large circle of fabric (I used thick felt for the horns and more of the corduroy for the tail), and twisted it into a cone, cutting off any excess. I then stitched the straight sides together and stuffed the horns and tail with polyester filling (toy stuffing), before sewing them, with an angled stitch, into place on the hood.One horn stitched into place - uniceratops?! Also the tail is on the right hand side

 As I had neither my niece nor her measurements to hand, my husband and I had to keep trying the hood on to check then angle of the ruffle and the position of the horns. Triceratops as modelled by me!

 The above pic was taken while I was trying to work out the angle of the ruffle and therefore the ribbons holding it in place. It clearly needed dropping down a bit. The pictures below show my husband modelling the finished product.Top view.


One purple triceratops costume. Made By Yours Truly.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. March 5, 2012 07:58

    Very cute – I love a purple dinosaur!

  2. March 10, 2012 21:35

    Wow fantastic. Now don’t show my boys or I’ll have to make two!!

    • March 10, 2012 21:43

      Really, if they looked close-up, I’m not sure you would! 🙂
      Thank you though, and thank you for your comments – always appreciated.

  3. thescarletbutton permalink
    March 14, 2012 18:29

    so cute and clever!

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