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How to make a Tea Cosy ~ with free tutorial for how to make your own tea cosy.

March 17, 2012


Tea Cosy & Notebook Cover


Everyone needs a pretty tea cosy, so I made this for my mother for Mother’s Day, so I also embroidered ‘mama’ onto one side and something on the other side (a silly family joke to do with tea). This lovely spring-like tea cosy matches the pocket book cover I also made for her.




What You’ll Need


2 x outer fabric


2 x inner fabric


2 x wadding


1 small bit of material for the loop


Coordinating thread


Embroidery thread (if you’re embroidering!)


How To Make Your Own Tea Cosy


  1. Cut your fabrics to size. You will need about 5cm more than a rough drawing round your teapot.
  2. Cut your wadding to size – this needs to be about 3cm less than the fabrics.
  3. Make your loop. I like to use the fabric from the inner tea cosy. Take a length of fabric, fold it in the middle and press (to form a crease). Unfold, then fold the two long edges in to meet the middle crease, press again, then fold these together, press again then stitch along both long edges for a neat finish.
  4. If you are adding any embellishment to the outer fabric, do this  now, remembering to leave room for the seams.
  5. Place the loop between the two outer fabrics, (Right-Sides together [RST]), with the loop sandwiched between the two, and the rough ends poking out of the top. Pin in place.
  6. Top stitch around the curve and turn the right way round.
  7. Place the two inner fabrics RST and stitch around the curve.
  8. Put the two pieces of wadding then the inner fabric up inside the outer fabric, pushing them all the way to the top.
  9. Fold the bottom of the inner fabric up and over the inner fabric, to form a lip. Create a hem by folding down 1cm of fabric, then folding it again to create a hem with a folded seam. Pin in place, making sure the side seams match up.
  10. Top stitch all the way round the folded seam, backstitching at the start and finish to secure.



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Ta Daah, you’re done! Made By Yours Truly. Sit back and have a nice cuppa, kept warm by your lovely new tea cosy.


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  1. March 17, 2012 14:12

    they are very cute and anyone would be delighted to get them as a gift

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