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Purple Dinosaurs & Treasure Maps. No round purses with zips to be found here. Step away. Nothing to see here…

April 25, 2012


This is an old creation which I made following a pattern from this blog here. He’s very sweeet, and sits upon my fat quarters’ stash box, keeping an eye on my fabrics for me. He was damned fiddly to make though, as corduroy and me do not mix well! I love the feel and look of it, but by ‘eck I find it hard to work with, especially on small scales like this. (See what I did there? scales? Hehehe. I do make myself laugh :D)

I’ve also recently attempted a round purse with a zip. Attempted being the operative word. I kept being very close to making a decent round purse, but very close is not good enough. I unpicked and re-started a few thousand times, but the expletives used in the process can’t have been good for my Littlest Person’s ears, and I really don’t want him to repeat those words at playgroup, so I admitted defeat and gave up. Not normally in my vocabulary, those words, but it was the right decision to make in this instance 😀

I also have been slack with my creating recently because my eldest Little Person’s birthday party is this weekend, so I’ve been busy plotting and scheming for that instead …Image

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  1. Kelly permalink
    April 26, 2012 08:00

    Your dinosaur is adorable! I will admit I did giggle because his neck looks like he’s got a goitre 🙂 Have you named him?

  2. April 26, 2012 09:34

    So show us the little round bag please ??? 🙂


  1. Fiddly, fiddly, fiddly – lined zip pencil case with piping | MadeByYoursTruly

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