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Looking for a bunny double

October 18, 2012

Anyone out there who can help? This bunny needs a double to help a little boy through some serious radiation.

Twitter dude, @6000, has a friend whose son is going in for some pretty serious radiation therapy. After which this bunny will have to be incinerated. They are desperately trying to find another one like it. ASAP.

This is a super traumatic experience for anybody to go through, and if you’ve ever had a family member or a friend go through radiation therapy – you know how hectic it can be. This little guy is going to be stuck in quarantine ALL ALONE for 3 days… jeez, i couldn’t even go to the kitchen alone when i was a kiddie. This little bunny will be the only companion he’ll have while he’s going through the procedure & unfortunately the bunny will have to go bye-bye afterwards :/

This is what the dad had to say on Facebook:

Nic is going for his Radiated Iodine therapy very soon and will be in isolation for up to 3 days , after which his PJ’s and bedding will be incinerated. He will feel better with Rabbit (pictured) but unfortunately he will be incinerated too! We are desperately trying to find the same rabbit to act as a body double! He was bought at Woolies about 10 years ago. If anybody has one like this , I will happily buy it from you! please let me know…..we know Nic is always brave with his team mate!

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